Google’s Web Stories Plugin for WordPress

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Besides loading articles quickly, AMP is being leveraged to make a visible medium for sharing content online. Google is now bringing Web Stories to any WordPress site with the wide launch of a replacement creation tool as Google’s Web Stories Plugin.

What are Google web stories?

A part of the AMP project (initially called AMP stories), web stories were announced in mid-2018 as a brand new visual storytelling format that had specifically been built for mobile users.

Storytelling that’s full-screen, fast-loading with stress on images, animations, and videos instead of text.

A web story can typically have 10 words per page and a maximum of 30 pages per story. consider it as PowerPoint slides if you’ll like. Users can flick through pages with a tap, making it easier for them to grasp or digest the knowledge presented within the online story.

The Web Stories for WordPress plugin provides a drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG interface for creating full-screen, tappable content that’s synonymous with Instagram and Snapchat. This content today is found in Google Search and find out. It entered beta earlier this year, and version 1.0 is now available.

There are various templates, while Google partnered with Unsplash to supply users with a photograph library, also as a free stock video from Cover. Advanced customization tools also are available: comprehensive visual editing capabilities, a re-envisioned visual media gallery, image masking, gradient editing, and saved colors & styles.

Moving forward, Google will add more templates, stock media integrations, and features. Like AMP, this Web Stories plug-in is open source to permit for community contributions.

Google Web Stories 1

Meanwhile, the company today also announced the Web Creators community to “provide tools, guidance, and inspiration for people who make awesome content for the web.

Google Web Stories 2

What are the benefits of using web stories?

The benefits offered by Google Web Stories plugin is on multiple levels. Hence, I even have meticulously divided and explained them in 2 categories –

General Benefits
  • Web Stories by Google enable users with no technical knowledge to ace the online stories game thanks to its simple use.
  • It provides a plethora of pre-built story templates to urge you to start quickly.
  • The editing and customization in web stories if handled by a WYSIWYG editor. No coding skills are required.
  • Unlike social media stories, web stories enable you to share & embed it across your own website, other websites, apps, and other channels.
  • The tracking of your web stories’ performance is additionally possible because it supports analytics too.
  • Web stories are AMP powered. Hence, it ensures fast load time and more engagement from your readers.
  • This new way of distributing content is often considered the inspiration for future relationships together with your readers/viewers.
Traffic Benefits

As I even have said earlier, web stories by Google will assist you to post and rank stories on channels like Google search, Google images, Google apps, Discover, etc.

This ranking will make sure you get plenty of traffic which will be leveraged across your website with cross-linking.

And, to not forget, the Google Web Stories plugin for WordPress is comparatively new within the digital marketing world.

It means not many are using it and thusyou’ll face little to no competition in ranking your web stories.

We all skills fruitful a blog are often if it achieves high ranks on SERP. Similarly, web stories will yield maximum benefits when it involves traffic.

Monetization Benefits

You’d be surprised to understand that Google Web Stories allows you to incorporate affiliate links in your stories.

Well, that’s not the top of its awesomeness.

You can also create Story Ads with the assistance of this plugin and platforms like Google Ads Manager and Google DV360 (Beta).

The story ad copy can contain elements like text, videos, images, tappable elements like “See More”, etc. to assist you quickly start , the plugin offers many pre-built story ad templates.

Also, as of now, these 2 platforms are supported by the plugin. But within the coming days, more ad servers are going to be made compatible.

Where will web stories appear?

Web stories can appear during a number of various ways on Google search, Google Maps, Discover, and Google App.

The format that these stories might take is often within the sort of a grid, carousel, search result, a picture, or a rich-card.

How to create a web story?

A web story is often created using the guide provided on the AMP dev website but confine mind that you simply will need basic coding skills (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) so as to urge the work done.

If you own a WordPress website then there’s some excellent news. Google has recently launched a plugin that gives an easy-to-use builder. It should be noted that this plugin is currently in the beta phase.

Technical Guidelines For Google Web Stories

In order to yield maximum results from your web stories, you want to follow the below-listed guidelines –

  • You must use 5-30 story pages in your web stories which will redirect to 10-20 landing pages.
  • The text utilized in your story pages must not exceed 200 characters limit.
  • The title of your story page must not exceed 40 characters and will be as short as possible.
  • Videos utilized in your web stories must be shot in portrait mode. the utilization of landscape shot videos isn’t advisable.
  • Your video’s length should be but the mark of 15 seconds.
  • The videos must be amid captions or sub-titles to enable viewers to observe it without volume.
  • You are advised to use 1 affiliate link per web story.
  • Your stories must not encounter as extremely commercial. And, it should be complete and offer the specified information.

With that being said, it’s time for you to find out the way to create your first web story…

All Done. Now What?

Now that you simply have learned about the Google Web Stories plugin for WordPress, it’s time for you to undertake it for your site.

I for one have used it and liked it considerablyto not forget, the advantages and feature-set offered by this plugin is simply the cherry on the highestI’m quite sure that you simply will find it very useful..!!

However, you want to also confine mind the very fact that the plugin may have a couple of bugs and issues.

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